Vibration bell for PuTTY for Symbian

published (revision history)

PuTTY is probably the most used application on my phone. I use it to connect to my server where I read/write e-mails in mutt and communicate with the outer world using irssi and bitlbee. I suppose most PuTTY users start it only whenever they need to fix something at their servers, not as a primary communication tool. They didn’t miss a function to alert the user whenever something happens in a terminal.

I did, however. I wanted to start PuTTY, attach a screen session and put the phone in my pocket, knowing that it would vibrate whenever something interesting happens. I always hated that whenever I had sent a message to someone, I had to look at the screen regularly to check whether he replied or not. So that’s my motivation.

The solution was obvious, I implemented the do_bell function in PuTTY for Symbian and made it vibrate for a few hundred milliseconds. The source code is here: