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Linux, media keys and multiple players (mpd, chromium, mpv, vlc, …)

This post explains how to get media keys (play, pause, …) on keyboards and Bluetooth headphones work with a bare X window manager (as opposed to a full desktop environment) and how to make them control multiple media players including the web browser (YouTube, bandcamp, myNoise, etc.) which is something that even majority operating systems and desktop environments don’t quite get right out of the box.

Přestavba Agang Sin City na berany

Včera/dneska jsem na moje kolo dal místo rovných řídítek silniční berany.

Vibration bell for PuTTY for Symbian

PuTTY is probably the most used application on my phone. I use it to connect to my server where I read/write e-mails in mutt and communicate with the outer world using irssi and bitlbee. I suppose most PuTTY users start it only whenever they need to fix something at their servers, not as a primary communication tool. They didn’t miss a function to alert the user whenever something happens in a terminal.

Multiseat on demand: Split your computer into two whenever you want

We needed to make three computers out of two yesterday, so multiseat was the keyword I googled for. Having found a bunch of howtos all starting with “make these changes to xorg.conf and gdm.conf”, I took the best from all of them and put together a solution requiring no single restart of X server. What I got was this:

Going tiled

I had been using Fluxbox for 7 years when I finally decided it’s time for change last Friday. As my friends expected, I left it for xmonad. Seven years is a long time and for me it meant that I became a Fluxbox developer. Therefore, I should say some nice goodbye.