I’m a polyglot programmer, free and open-source software enthusiast and regular contributor from the Czech Republic1, currently based in England. Coding professionally since 2002.

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If you believe you might want to hire me, see my CV/Résumé (PDF version), check my GitHub and LinkedIn profiles and the following sections about my strengths and quirks to get a better idea whether we’d be a good fit2.



  1. Despite the .in TLD. It’s lisk.in because my GitHub handle is liskin

  2. If you decide that indeed we are a good fit, feel free to contact me directly. I don’t mind LinkedIn, but the signal-to-noise ratio there is awful, so contacting me directly (and possibly hinting that you’ve read this) may be better. 

  3. My study results: Bachelor’s degree programme, Master’s degree programme. Dropped out at the end. Didn’t get the degree, only the knowledge. 

  4. No longer involved in some of these. 

  5. Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live. 

  6. Don’t you dare run that prototype in production. 

  7. It’s really painful to watch makers trying to mend their prototype in production… 

  8. I tend to get excited about things I believe are really useful. The shorter the feedback loop, the easier it is for me to see that something is useful.

    Do I use it? Useful. Does it benefit my wife’s research? Useful. Do random people in the pub use it and ask me to fix something, and I can actually help them? Definitely useful.

    On the other hand, if your idea of product management and motivation revolves around monthly all-hands presentations with pie charts and personas, or something that’s effectively isomorphic to that, I’m a bad fit.

    I need short feedback loops.